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The madam's Journal of Doom
Read and be bored senseless!
You can read about it all here in my forum WITH PHOTOS:

Funtimes XD

OH we got on Newsround too!

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Warghhh! I just heard that the cosplay event I'm doing on Tuesday- the Paul O'Grady TV show will be there!

I love his show!

*nervous spazz* mebbe I'll get on TV
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NiGHTS and Sonic request your presence!


A few days ago us admins were contacted by SEGA to be their mascots for an exciting cosplay event happening in London city. I of course never turn down an excuse to dress in purple spandex and coat myself in 30 layers of glitter and hairspray. DiGi however needed a little more convincing, which was cemented by a persuasive phonecall from our pal ArchangelUK and a large box of merch *coughlol*

So on the Monday night we're being flown down there courtesy of SEGA the almighty and getting to hang out in their office overnight, since lets be honest, it will take me the entirety of overnight to put that costume of mine on :|

Your lord and omnipotent ruler NiGHTS will be there to promote his latest game *winkwink* and Sonic The Hedgehog himself who will restrain himself from doing anything crazy with a tennis racket, i assure you.

I'm getting to front the event which will appear in the 2009 Guinness World Records Gamers edition and will also have publicity from the Sun Newspaper who will be attending on the day.

Help me spread news of this awesome event by telling anyone you know in the UK who's interested in cosplay via websites, forums, Myspace, school, you name it - help us make this a fun memorable event for gamers.

We hope to see you all there! :)


Guinness World Record’s Gamer’s Edition will be attempting the ‘Largest gathering of Games characters’ on March 18, 10.30 for 11am at the Millenium Bridge, London and are looking for all cosplayers and gamers to come down and make Guinness World Record history!

Think you could be King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy), Master Chief (Halo) Dante (Devil May Cry) or Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter) then we want to see you there! Anime or Manga to World of Warcraft whatever you are into get dressed up and help break a record.

To register please e-mail:

All characters will appear in the Guinness World Record Gamers Edition 2009 plus on the website as well as receiving a gift for their efforts!

The record attempt celebrates the inaugral Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition that is on sale now and is bursting with new records, high score statistics and fascinating facts.

In addition Guinness World Records are also searching for the next new gaming record breaker to join the hallowed ranks of the book. Applicants are being encouraged to upload their scores on the Gamer’s Edition website, http://gamers.guinnessworldrecords.com to enter the challenge.

About Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. First published in 1955, the annual Guinness World Records book is published in more than 100 countries and 20 languages and is one of the highest-selling books under copyright of all time with more than 3 million copies sold annually across the globe. Guinness World Records celebrated its 50th anniversary edition in 2004, a year after the sale of its 100 millionth copy. The Guinness World Records website (www.guinnessworldrecords.com) receives more than 11 million visitors a year.


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It's a sad sad lame thing when you find yourself up at 3am wondering if your brother is safe because he's out clubbing with his friends. His friends are psycho's and Ex cons, lol. HENCE WHY AM AM UP AT 3AM HOPING HE CAN GET HOME :| The sadder thing is that he's 21 or something XD

Well that and ive drank too much tea and im supposed to be DOING MY GODDAMN BEDROOM and instead im just getting wound up about things ive not done yet. Damnmedamnmedamnmeeeee. At least i told Digi what had been stressing me out a bit. MY MUM. Oh suprise, lol.

Just because i find my kitty to be the best dressup doll ever.


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Today was spent feeling very very sick which meant i got hardly anything done as per usual! Nobody can beat my skills at that, i swear XD

Im tryin to make myself go offline so i can paint my floor but its really late now and im sleepy, i didnt get to sleep lastnight at all. Blu's coming around tommorow to aid me in the BATTLE OF THE BEDROOM armed with paintbrushes and chocolate. Its good to see her seeming a little bit happier.

Thismorning i was perved at by my postman. I find that amusing.

Annnnd also today one of my friends ran away from home to possibly live on the streets and i wont hear from him again until he gets himself sorted out and a place to stay. This worries me because i still treat him like a little brother and the thought of anything bad happening to him is scary, but i know he's a smart kid. JJ please be safe. The streets arent a nice place to be, i can vouch for that ._. I admire his determination about life.

I've been doing company planning today for something im working on. A biiiiiiiig project of mines that i want to give a serious thought to doing. All will become clear in time.

I'm pretty jolly today despite being in horrible pain. Yey!

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*deep breath*


Yet again i've left everything to the very last second and im now paying the price. I HAVE SOME KIND OF PROCRASTINATION BRAIN MALFUNCTION. I have 2 and a half days to get *counts*over 15 important things done before Sai and Digi get here and i doubt i'll get even half of them done on time T___T However when it comes to painting my bedroom Blu said she'll mebbe come around and help so that should speed things up a bit. I just done a mountain of laundry, made my bed, photod my mums stuff to sell it on ebay for her, done the dusting, put everything where it belongs and now i have to move everything to resume decorating. I just keep reminding myself of that stupid 60minute makeover tv show where they completely redecorate 3 rooms in under an hour. I STRIVE for that. Ahahah who am i kidding i cant even find a paintbrush to start with.

I also want to wash my windows because they are completely manky and if i do it in the summer i will be attacked by WASPS AND SPID0RS. YEAH.

I also have Digi's hat to finish completely (Actualy i need his head to check i get the height correct), hellbent commission work to do, requiring me to go up the town, i have to go to my bank and get a chequebook so i can help USA peeps wanting to register for Auchinawa in November (NiGHTS MEET WOOOOOO!), i have to repaint my entire bedroom floor white because i half painted it and now the white part is dingy muddy grey and looks gross >_< I also have to find a little fusebulb for my fairylights as they fused again and are henceforth dead, plus a lightbulb for the ceiling or i'll never be able to see what the hell im painting (ive been sitting useing a heater as lamplight for the past week, have to do my hair as it looks fugly, make a giant update on the .com which is overdue because people keep throwing more and more content at me (which isnt a BAD thing), and a million other things. I'm trying to also be really ruthless and sell lots of my old things, hence the delay because i know if im decorating i'll uncover more and more i can indeed sell.

But saying all this, when its listed down it feels easier to tackle. Its just starting it thats the problem. That and i cant stop sneezing. Damn dust, gurrr.

Im completely rabid to start work, theres so much i want to buy that i keep recently seeing online, once i get all this debt shifted i am going on a MAD-ASS SPENDING SPREE. Ive not bought myself anything to wear in over 2 years. This is a depressing thought. Something i really want to buy is a new suit, i really suit them, muh. Lol at one point in highschool i wore nothing but grey suits for a year. I'm also gonna go to a damn hairdressers and get my hair cut properly because i've not been to one in over 2 years >_> i've just been hacking at my own hair and not doing too shabbily. Just litle dumb things like that can make me feel more bouncy inside i guess. I'd also like to buy a good toothbrush and my own damn shampoo. And all of Kichi's shop, ahahah. And another pair of shoes, just because i live for SHOES. Damn i'd make a really good lazy trophy wife XD I also found a little place on Ebay that sells proper floor cushions, because this one im sitting on hurts my ass and is really flat now. So yeah, i have stuff to work towards buying.

I was looking at stuff i'd stored under my bed lastnight and getting briefly emo about it, until i stopped caring and just kept it for myself. Blah.

I wish i had a smoothie right about now.
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I know i said i wouldn't ever have a public commentable personal journal again, ahhh what the hell, i don't have much to emo about thesedays anyway that would annoy anyone, lol, so yeah whatever.

Maybe i should LOOK for emo though :O I can't have a happy livejournal, that's just crazy! I need somewhere to pour my black as crowpoo shadowy soul and have my net friends give me cyberhugs and say 'i understand .___.' SO ONWARDS! :D

Lets see, what's been happening in the life of me lately? Well since i got back on the internet in January i've not really done much online, i've been working hard offline however with my various projects and commissions i need to do. I've got lots of stuff to update the.com with but i can't until i shift some of these commissions first, otherwise i'd feel nasty and rude. But yeah, i've been working my ass of on commissions of which i DAMNWELL HOPE to have finished very soon. I -loathe- owing people stuff because it stifles my creativity and makes me feel like ass.
What else? Hmmm well Digi and Mangaunksai are coming to stay with me next week for 5 days and then im going back down to London with Sai who is staying with her yuppie!Dad in Windsor. I get kinda angry at the popular opinion flying around that i kiss Sai's ass to be popular e_e; She's a very good friend of mine and i love her to pieces, i'd still wanna have her illegitamite children even if she was an admin at MYSPACE. I mean c'mon, cut me some slack. She was MY fangirl first. Anyhoo. Fun will ensue and i promise lots of photos of us all acting like tourist idiots.
I'm currently working on something for someone for E3. So yeah, that stresses me a bit.
What else is bugging me... oh yeah, the fact that my best friend is ill and might have cancer gets to me. I'm going with her to the hospital on the 30th and its really scary, she has to get all these scans and crap and i want to be there for her. Its just... woah.

JAPAN is happening after Auchinawa, which is great. i've always wanted to go there. If its decent i might stay there for quite some time like how i lived in America. I'm not expecting it to be all glamourous and EEEEFUCKINGKAWAAIIII but i want to see the BUIDLINGS and the blossoms. I have a big thing for both skyscrapers (have done since i was a kid), anything futuristic, and i have a promise to keep to my dad that i made when i was a tiny little troll X3 regarding pink blossom trees. I'm not going over there for the anime or any crap like that, im going for the experience and the ambience. I need something different from this place here in Scotland. Its one of those places i know i need to go in my lifetime. It's weird like that. Just as i knew i'd end up in america. So yeah i'll be living with Tabi for a little bit in his apartment in Tokyo. To say im excited is an understatement. He sent me a parcel full of awesome and hilarious Japanese snackfoods (YES! I OWN A HOMO SAUSAGE!) along with a NiGHTS promo video (hour long! official!) that i'll be putting up on the site via torrent as the file is really huge. Ahahha life rules. I wanna meet Ohshima dammiiit XD *STALK*

Other things on my mind, hmmm, trying to remember how this LiveJournal works for one. Also laughing that people still actualy WATCH me on this, woah! Thanks, i'm humbled :)
After i get back from Japan (if i get back)i may be doing W.E at Rockstar North which is situated here in Edinburgh, conveniantly! I dont want to commit myself to any awesome jobs until i get my mad traveling urges out the way, so until then im a free lady working on oddjobs and crappy employment but i dont care, its fun now.

I have 2 self published comics im working to finish for Auchinawa, so i need to get my skates on with that. Also i need to finish my damn cosplay outfit. People have been sending me all sorts of amazing things for it which i cant wait to use! O_O I'm such a slow seamstress, ahaha. At least i got the hat finished though, that was truely hellish. I still have TONS to do for it.

I'm very slowly getting my debt under control which is like essential to my sanity i think. I panic a lot at the slightest thing, and that was one of my main concerns. Its one thing dropping out of college twice but when you have 2 bank loans hanging around your neck afterwards that you dont want anymore its pretty frightening, especialy when you just want to forget about the shitty year prior. So when i get that outta the way i can just pick up my self esteme and move on from a lot of bad things that happened recently in my life. I'm already feeling a lot happier though. So i guess i win.

Oh yeah! Also i finnaly got the courage to put my Autobiography on Deviant art. That was a major part in my self healing that i severely needed to air. Now i feel good inside. I still have many chapters to upload though, its not through all the bad stuff yet by a longshot. It's up to 8years old and im currently 24 so yeah.

Man im 24, is till can't believe it. I dont feel 24, seriously. I feel COMPLETELY unequiped in maturity to be this age. Lol maybe i missed out on growing up XD Oh well!

And now for no reason here's a picture of my puppies noooooooooooose!

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Holy shit! Oh yeah! I have a livejournal @____@

That's just.... weird.
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Why does this journal still work even though it ran out like LAST YEAR @____@


well if it's giving me freebies i should really use it, lol.

*big breath*


go there and peruse ;)

ok i go to bed now! Sorry for appearing dead, i though my LJ was broken e_e
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I/m traveling to england for the con tommorow and now i have to go out and get my tickets but im in the middle of having a small panic attack and cant even go wash my hair cuz im freaking out anout running out of time- Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh - STRESS-
this is scary >____________________
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